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January 17, 2013
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HA: Orion Wakefield by miss-otaku HA: Orion Wakefield by miss-otaku

[ Name ] Orion Wakefield
[ Age ] Sixteen
[ Birthday ] July 4th
[ Gender ] Male
[ House ] Gryffindor
[ Year ] Sixth
[ Blood Status ] Muggleborn
[ Physical Description ]

◊ [ Height ] 5' 6"
◊ [ Weight ] 120 lbs.
◊ [ Eye Colour ] Hazel
◊ [ Hair Colour ] Espresso
◊ [ Build ] Slight, he has muscle but he doesn’t like to keep himself bulky; lean
◊ [ Complexion ] Keeps his skin nice and fresh and will never allow a blemish to ruin his perfect skin. >:U (however his back is fairly freckled, he hopes to one day get rid of those magically however his mother said she would write him out of the will if he did…)

[ Personality ]

Orion won’t deny the fact that he’s rather arrogant and egotistical. He cares mostly for his own skin, but at the same time if he sees that someone is in trouble he’ll help them…although, most would only say he’s doing it to look like the hero; but deep down inside he really likes helping people 8’] (not really, but maybe that can change!). Most of what he does is usually just because he wants the attention, but if he really cares about someone then he’ll be rather overprotective of them but defensive of his feelings…in short, he’s not very good at saying ‘I love you’; it’s a pride thing and he’s not really good at letting down his wall of egoism which means he’ll never admit that he’ll love someone more then himself. But…all in all, because of his pride he’s rather courageous and brave, putting himself on the line to prove that he’s not afraid of anything.
Present: OOPS. He's still the same arrogant pants...although now he has friends people he can talk to!  

[ History: ]

Orion definitely lived in the lap of luxury all his life. His mother, Cassie, is a neurologist, and his father, Sinclair, is a lawyer. Together, they raised their child with the utmost leeway which, perhaps, shaped his arrogance as well as giving him the idea that he could get anything he asked for.

When he was younger, his mother and father were very complacent with what he wanted to do and praised him constantly for his achievements. He went to the best schools as a child and let his parents know when he was tired with one school and wanted to move onto the next one. Since he was young, they always noticed there was something magical about him. Especially since he was born premature yet was able to go home with them the next night and somehow he would make the bars on his cribs disappear.

So when he got his letter from Hogwarts, somehow they weren’t as surprised as one would think. In fact, they embraced it and did their best to learn about the magical world that had been unseen to them until now. Of course, Orion felt perfectly high and mighty when he realized he had a certain edge over the average John walking down the street. It was a tough but briefly met decision for the sorting hat, sorting him into Gryffindor rather then Slytherin. Immediately, he took a liking to Potions and excelled greatly, in response to his first year of wonderful grades, his parents bought him a beautiful barn owl which he decidedly named Hooters. Although…he is forced to nickname her “Hoot” because he got into a smidge of trouble with the teachers screaming “Hooters! Hooters!” in the Owlery.

Because of his selfish nature, he doesn’t really stick with friends too often, but he’ll sometimes just pop into a conversation randomly and socialize for a bit. For the most part, he is seen by the lake practicing Charms, the only class he doesn't really like and does mediocrely in [he doesn't like it because he's not very good at it, but he'll never admit that~].

[ Other: ]

- He’s got five beauty marks!
- He’s single 
- He’s somewhat metrosexual
- He's also somewhat allergic to certain animals like cats and rodents.
- He also has a rather nasty vocabulary at times, especially when he’s out of earshot from teachers and stuff.
- He hates flying [the wind messes up his hair :c], but will do it anyway if someone challenges him.

[ Wand: ]

Hemlock, Phoenix tail feather and 7” long

[ Pet: ]

Barn owl, Hooters “Hoot”… looks like this…

[ Broom: ]

Comet 400 [i think]

[ Relationships

Rita Andersen a/k/a Blondie: He just loves teasing this lovely lady and enjoys seeing just how far he can push her until she snaps. He hasn't gotten that far yet but he fully intends on continuing this expiriment just because it's so entertaining. In fact, he has convinced himself that she is completely head over heels in love with him and nothing she says would convince him otherwise. He wouldn't admit it, especially to her, but he actually keeps an eye out for her when he's making his rounds around the castle.

Cynthia Tyler: She is definetely someone who he would definetely consider as his equal or close to his level of fabulousness. He would never admit that he isn't the best, but she certainly comes next in his book. Upon meeting her, his faith in the generation of Hogwarts was restored. She's one of those few people who he would actually go out and look for. Disappointingly, she's too young for his tastes but he thinks of her more as a girlfriend than a girlfriend anyway.

Lucy Thompson: Pickle brows definetely gets on his nerves, but he legitmately admired her attitude towards him during their first meeting. She is certainly one of those people who he acknowledges for being different than a lot of his other peers and takes solace in that fact. He really wants to give her a makeover and dress her wants to.

Patrick Kelly: HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHO THIS IS YET BUT IT'S CANON ANYWAY. plus he's probably heard of him once or twice...and this guy is that close to Rita that he can sense the competition.

Elise Litwin: Snickerdoodle as he likes to call her. She was the first person to dump ink on him and kick him in the nether regions; and he hasn't forgotten. She is quite fiesty which is more or less what intrigues him although she is certainly adamant about evading him. It usually doesn't bother him when someone doesn't reciprocate his advances because thats what everyone usually does (or doesn't do), but he is constantly trying to get her attention, quite possibly because she seems utterly disinterested in him.


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